Let’s Talk About Sex With Hausa Chocolate

Popularly known as Hausa Chocolate, she sees her self as a kind of superhero helping the world with what she does. A sex educator currently into sexual therapy and podcasting, Hausa Chocolate talks about how she’s able to spread the world about proper sexual wellness and intimacy starting from selling sex toys and now being the host of a sex podcast.

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I guess it's safe to say I'm officially an adult and It's time for me to start taking things seriously. I talk about some changes in my life as well as the music, books, podcasts and movies I've been busy with

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Why Are Lagosians Angry At Gangs of Lagos?

Despite the film's plot receiving widespread praise, some state residents, particularly those with Lagos ancestry, found its portrayal of the Eyo masquerade offensive. They also said the movie's depiction of the state's culture and traditions was offensive.

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