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DURING these times of eminent boredom a lot of people started up YouTube channels in order to give themselves a sort of pastime or provide content to the users.

These YouTubers have grown over the months some years and some seemed to have started to reach their peak. They have also been able to provide great content from their viewers back to back. 


TOSIN is a 20 year old Nigerian Youtuber currently attending University of Ottawa and she is getting a vast amount of recognition as her channel has been providing content back to back especially this period of time. She refers to her subscribers as the BGT Gang. She seems to be very outspoken and tries her best to entertain her viewers, be it by herself or with her friends. She is an open lover of Megan Thee Stallion. As she is known to make use of her slangs and adlibs a lot in many of her videos.  

Currently at 7.61k subscribers and counting . She is someone that is very outgoing and conversational. She dives into and challenge and faces them head forward, which is one of the major reasons, as stated in one of her videos she had the courage to start her YouTube channel. As she usually signs out "go stupid go crazy, go crazy go stupid"

Babygirltos is really one to watch. Link to her channel


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