After three failed starts of Pyer Moss's Couture 1 show, the legions of supporters of Kerby Jean-Raymond, including actors Tracee Ellis Ross and KiKi Layne, the designers Brandon Mexwell and Aurora James, the designers Law Roach and the styles designers Kollin Carter, the model activist Bethann Hardison, and 100 brand fans took place at Irvington (more than 9,000 registered to attend). Madam CJ Walker, America's first female self-made millionaire, commissioned an Italianate mansion in Upstate New York, which served as the perfect backdrop for the upcoming fashion show.

Following a team field visit to Joshua Tree for ayahuasca the concept of the collection – an ode to 25 Black inventions called Wat U Iz. Jean Raymond joined Hollywood costumers to assist in immortalizing historical accomplishments in the whimsic form – ranging from the fire-shooting jumpsuit nodding to Daniel McCree to the cozy butter jar and cooled dresses applaudiing George Washington Carver and Frederick Jones respectively. In this autumn, every work of art will be shown in the Walker estaten, with the emphasis on continuing the Black American experience throughout the clothes production cycle.

The influence of Sesame Street and the surreal esthetic are the detail behind every structure. He laughed at the techniques of welding, molding, and fibreglass which make the modification "not couture in the traditional sense." In particular, for its studio staff, who during the pandemic were reduced to 17 to 9, the hairroller costume took four months to fix real weaves on the curlers, while the bottle-cap look spread over two strong construction months.

The event was empowered by former Black Panther Elaine Brown - the only woman who led the revolutionary party. "We must return to the train of freedom. "I have love what the Black Panthers stood for and created, and I believe that if we can organize it, we can make a new version of this and Pyer Moss is. The Black Panther and the Panther Spirit," she said, with Jean-Raymond telling Vogues later. We are a platform. We are a platform. We're doing well, not only the clothes, but the message, the story, and the entire community." Like his previous collections, Pyer Moss always speaks for a higher purpose.

Jean-Raymond is excited to launch Pyer Moss footwear – from sneakers to heels – next season, after finding two new designer soulmates who speak his language. "I probably don't think as much of my own legacy as I ought to, I'd like to have fun and watch what happens," he said modestly. It was apparent to everybody who looked, that he wore Walker's legacy, burning his own trail and creating room for celebrating other. He joked, "You'll not see me for a while," because of the cost of the mammoth production and then of restaging it, but this is hoping not.

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