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I already promised myself that from May till end of August, I’m not going to watch anybody’s instagram or snapchat story that looks like they’re having fun. Yes, I’m sad and in pain, sue me.

Because of the coronavirus, my school calendar has been messed up a whole lot and it’s going to take a long time to fix. So, thanks to Aunt Rona, no summertime fun for me, I’m coming home in September and it’s killing me. So basically I’m coming home in autumn to reflect and think about my life because what else can I do ?

To all my readers, if you’re enjoying summer, your days are numbered. I still love all of you, but the days are numbered.

I turned 18 last year so I was already looking forward to my first legal summer after beings homebody for 17 years of my life. But coronavirus came like that one Aunty that everyone hates when she visits. She came and ruined the beginning of my youth, so with a heavy heart, I moved my wild thoughts and movements to 2021 only to hear this heartbreaking news. Is there no end to my pain and torture?
So when I do go out, I’ll mostly be seeing everyone I see in school, and I actually like a few people. You’ll see me in the cafeteria on Monday and ask to go out with you on Friday. Try again Francis.

Summer is the time of the year that allows you to unwind with your friends appropriately. Late mornings and late nights, house parties, wrong decisions (I didn’t send you), spending money and shouting “we outside” until poverty and sapa chases you back inside. That’s what summer was meant to be for. But sadly I might not experience this, that’s until Detty December (fingers crossed)

To my darling parents, if you happen to read this, I might most likely not stay home for long periods of time soon. Don’t worry we’ll come to a compromise.

Honestly, if you have any opportunity to enjoy summer with your friends and family, please do. You never know your last summer before you get a 9-5 job that would hinder you from enjoying as much as you would love to. But if you love me you can wait for me to come home. (Just kidding or not)

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