Beyonce celebrated her 41st birthday on September 4th. But let's face it—it wasn't just any ordinary birthday celebration. Beyoncé's 41st birthday bash had a roller disco theme, was hosted at a home in Bel-Air, and attracted practically every prominent celebrity you could imagine—all dressed up.

The balaclava/ski mask has evolved into an unusual staple and a late entrant in the competition to be named one of the hottest fashion trends. Scroll through Instagram, TikTok, or Pinterest and you'll see thousands of faces inside what appears to be an overgrown knitted sock.

Barbiecore is everything that the "coastal grandma" trend isn't: instead of swaying in the wind in linen slacks and bucket hats, participants are coming out in dazzling hot pink hues. The vivid color is frequently linked to Barbie, the legendary doll designed by Ruth Handler, a co-founder of the Mattel toy corporation.

On Saturday, July 16th, the VVS Lagos Fashion Show made its premiere with a beautiful opening that put all facets of art and culture at its center. Lagos is now the site of various possibilities to share a taste of its rich history with the globe. That was grandly commemorated by VVS Lagos in the areas of fashion, art, culture, lifestyle, and technology.

As Pinterest focuses on enhancing the online buying experience on its platform, the company has acquired The Yes, an AI-powered fashion shopping business. According to the firm, the purchase would aid in establishing a new strategic organization within Pinterest to drive the company's shopping operations, including the creation of services for both customers and retailers.

Fenty Beauty announced its entry into the African beauty market last month. Beauty influencers and Rihanna followers from all over the continent were ecstatic to learn the news. However, it triggered diametrically opposed discussions on social media as people recounted many instances of Western companies earlier launching and having little influence.