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The Nigerian superstar walked the runway in support of Puma's "Futrograde" presentation as the brand made its triumphant comeback to New York Fashion Week.

Davido, a prominent Puma ambassador and brand representative, walked the catwalk in support of the sportswear company's "Futrograde" presentation as Puma made its triumphant return to New York Fashion Week after a five-year absence. The artist became a worldwide ambassador for the German brand after making the formal announcement of his association with Puma last year. He uses his power to boost the company's reach in Sub-Saharan Africa and around the world.

The singer can be seen strutting down the runway in a recently revealed internet video. The singer, who isn't afraid to make extravagant fashion statements, complemented his matching tracksuit with a pair of maroon PUMA hand gloves, a black fur bucket hat, hefty chains, and two Richard Mille watches.

Other celebrities such as Winnie Harlow, walking the runway and champion athletes, Olympic sprinter Usain Bolt, walked at the June Ambrose-curated phygital extravaganza. 

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