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Most of the things we should all accept that we have experienced since 2020 is that relaxation is king. From coordinating sweat sets to comfortable wears, everyone's giving priority to warmth right now. And it's really no wonder that this kind of thinking has been translated into the underwear department. Fashion girls swap in their fancy lingerie and lacy bits for something a little less provocative (but infinitely more comfortable): full coverage panties.

Now I'm not implying that full-length underwear can't be sexy—I've already seen quite a few designers make full-length covering look incredibly cool—just it's that, traditionally, it's not in that group. But across the 2020 eye, where we all spend more time at home and are more intent on how we spend our energy, full coverage is where it is. From sleek, high-height styles to comfortable ribbed pairs to fun prints, full-length underwear has a major renaissance.

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