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The bone exposing panties have become a staple of later 1990, from musical film to stage appearance, from catwalks to the red tapestry.

OG's low-rise ambassadors, Rihanna and Beyoncé, practiced a hip-grazing jean's grandeur, and Britney Spears said it was a staple outfit. In rehearsals for her incredible MTV VMA, "I'm A Slave 4 U" appearance, Spears also wore a lacquered black pair before slipping in ultra-cut shorts for real, complete with the green bralette and draped python.

Perhaps the midrib flex this year kicked off the low-rise re-emergence as evidenced by the accredited queesns of the crop top Bella Hadid, J Lo, and Hailey Bieber all stylish. Baggy jeans were a preference for late It girls for the nostalgic style, and Bella Hadid took her to set with a waistline roll one step further. Though it's a favorite look that flashes a bit of tummy skin, Katie Holmes recently holds her lower risers in a reservoir for a little less dangerous take. In any event, it seems like summer 2020 is the time to flex your low-level trousers (moreover, this is a superb mix with the high-level thong)

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