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Street Souk returned for its third edition. It is an annual streetwear convention owned by Iretidayo M Zaccheaus. It is curated and funded by Industry Lion and First Bank Nigeria & Eventful Limited.

Street Souk was held at Harbor Point on Sunday, 20th December. The event aims to combine all emerging and existing Nigerian streetwear brands in one place, so that all brands can present their collections on a forum. This event also acts as a socializing, networking and shopping opportunity for people! and it has done anything but achieve that aim.

The event was sponsored by First Bank, Powerhorse, and some others. The event succeeded at abiding by all COVID 19 regulations set in place, from the compulsory wearing of facemasks to timely sanitization of those present.Brands like Motherlan, Ashluxe, Native, Sillet, Tangerine(most indigenous brand ), Virtualthebrand (newest brand to the convention) were present in hopes of making big sales that day from people ready to purchase. 

The place was filled with activity and fun. The vibe there was immaculate as Benson and Playboi Sina hosted the event. The event doesn't seem have an end anytime soon as more and more brands come up and as older ones continue to reach new heights.

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