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We had no idea how jam-packed A$AP Rocky's "D.M.B." music video would be with stylish moments when Rihanna and A$AP Rocky were spotted filming a music video last summer. Rihanna flaunts her street style in a variety of clothes. I was able to compile a list of every outfit she wears in the new video. Enjoy!

Rihanna is dressed in a leopard-print coat with blue feathered trim and a matching cap, with a colorful crocheted bra as a top. Gold earrings and necklaces complete her look. A pair of frayed high-waisted denim shorts completes the outfit.

Rihanna kisses A$AP, who dressed in all-red for the occasion. An unbuttoned dress shirt, a checkered bralette, a head scarf, strappy sandals, and a handbag complete the singer's pink ensemble. She also wears a tan fluffy jacket.

Rihanna is dressed in a black and blue jersey with silver jewelry

She's dressed in a denim miniskirt and a fluffy cropped blue jacket

Rihanna is dressed in a tan slip dress with an asymmetrical hem

In a sparkling red minidress.

The singer is dressed in a mint blue tweed jacket with gold jewelry and sunglasses.

Rihanna dresses to the nines with a pinstriped black jacket and matching slacks.

Rihanna and A$AP Rocky Rocky wears gold grills that spell out "Marry me?" as well as Rihanna's reading "I do."

Rihanna wore a crimson red veil and a matching halter dress for her bridal appearance.

There looks to be a cutout below the breast of the silky garment. Meanwhile, the rapper is dressed to the nines in a traditional tuxedo

Rihanna's all-brown ensemble includes a corset tucked into loose pants and a long shearling-lined coat. Rocky is dressed in an all-black Stefan Cooke ensemble that includes a textured jacket and pants..

Rihanna kisses Rocky while wearing a black strappy top.

I end this by saying, one day ,I too will be someone's muse.

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