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Ghana finally got the location that its booming skateboard scene deserves: a completely functioning skate park right in the center of Accra. In the last decade, skating's cultural phenomenon has become widely circulated via Instagram throughout the world. Due to the relativity of the sport on the continent (the number of skate parks around the world, but just 10 in Africa, is projected to be roughly 4000), the booming city was not a place for the group to assemble. Now Accra could have a state-of-the-art ramp by July 2021 thanks to the push of its prominent crew, the Skate Nation and Surf Ghana, an NGO promoting outdoor sports in the West African region.

Sandy Alibo, the founder of Surf Ghana, which also contributes to growing women's sporting position, has dreamed of a ramp for Accra since at least 2016. Freedom SkatePark plans to have a café with Wi-Fi and toilets. A company that offers private classes to students and hires local youth.  The park is made of natural and recycled materials on a sustainable basis. It provides lush and open-plan green spaces right in the center of the city with the architecture and development of the multinational company Wonders Around the World, devoted to making Skateboarding available worldwide, and Limbo Accra. Vans, the holy grail in skatewear, wanted to support a campaign for skate education. "We deserve a ramp of quality—if we do, we will do it correctly," Alibo says.

Ghana skaters are made up of several famous allies: Pan-African brand Daily Paper apparel and none other than Louis Vuitton Men's artistic director, Virgil Abloh, Off-White founder. Abloh, who learned about Skate Nation from Vogue, immediately came up to see if he could help the crew. In partnership with Limbo Accra, he and his design studio Alaska decided that he would build up the brand name of the skate ramp, including the Park Logo, the Skate House design, and furniture. The first release in the Mhoseenu gallery will be online on December 21 at Accra, while the Off-White and Daily Paper will also be launching a collection of exclusivity capsule collectors for the project.

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