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After taking off the season to restructure the Off-White business model, in February 2nd, Virgil Abloh unveiled the Spring/Summer 2021 co-ed line of the company. Store declines will start this week and continue throughout the season. But it wasn't something that Abloh had been focusing on. The set – a non-conformist experiment in the integration of conventional gender codes – debuted on Imaginary TV, Off-latest White's TV station available for online viewing from today onwards. Abloh's programming continued with on-demand films, performances and runway shows showcasing a new line.

In an interview with Anders Christian Madsen  from Vogue he said 

"A runway show is not enough anymore. To me, it feels inadequate. To showcase what’s in my mind and how I see the world as being a better place – and through deliberation while working on Louis Vuitton and everything else that I do – I came up with this concept: what the world needs is TV. But, you know, from a fashion designer like me."

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