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Kanye West has rejected rumors that he will collaborate with streetwear label Skid Row Fashion Week for his next project.

According to TMZ on Wednesday, the rapper is collaborating with David Sabastian, the Skid Row Fashion Week organizer, to employ homeless individuals to model his upcoming Yeezy collaboration. Those charges have subsequently been denied by a representative for Ye.

In response to The New York Post, a Yeezy Gap spokesperson stated, "This alleged event is not on our schedule at this moment, nor are we aware of any product cooperation in development." The rumor began when Sebastian told TMZ that the two met in Los Angeles while the rapper was recording his new album Donda 2 and planned to collaborate.

The partnership was reported to be a homeless-inspired clothing brand, with residents of LA's Skid Row modeling the collection and receiving 100% of the profits. Skid Row Fashion Week is noted for donating a part of all garment purchases to persons in need in the Los Angeles area.

While West has no plans to work with the streetwear company, he did reveal on Instagram that his 11th studio album, Donda 2, will be out on February 22. Atlanta rapper Future will produce the follow-up to his album Donda, released in August.

While there are no plans for cooperation with Skid Row Fashion Week, the rapper remains committed to helping people in need. The Yeezy representative stated, "Ye has a strong and solution-oriented dedication to tackling issues around homelessness."

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