The worldwide pandemic has significantly impacted all industries in the country, COVID-19, and the Aviation industry has not been left out. To come back, a turnaround plan should be drawn up as any profit-making organization would. Below is a revival plan that aims to restore the airline's profitability status for the next six months.

Airlines should at this point in time insist on health checks prior to and after Flight, along the lines of pre-flight temperature controls, on masks, and no toilet queues. Furthermore, the airlines shall make every effort to keep the medium seat free so that close contacts between the passengers are avoided, although this eventually will result in an increase in the price of the Flight. It will only be used for every second seat. These laws can be exempted only those who travel in small groups such as families. The aircraft and its cabin crew would also be adequately cleaned.

The in-flight drinks and food served on the aircraft during the Flight would be limited as a safety measure. To provide the same quantities of in-flight meals as before, extra costs must be put into effect. Similarly, these foods should be heated and stored in disposable plastic before serving passengers.

Flights will also be classified into leisure and work to help prioritize flights and help to reduce the number of passengers occupying a particular aircraft at a given time. This will therefor give the airline an idea on the terms of urgency of the flight and how to go around in the setting of flight dates.

Finally, some staff members may need to lay off as the use of technology will be used for jobs that can be done by artificial intelligence to reduce the amount of physical contact between staff and passengers. And medical masks and personal protective equipment (anti-plague suits, gloves, disinfectants) will be given in adequate quantities for those who may remain.