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Every holiday, my sisters and I make it a thing to always watch movies together—at least two. Due to circumstances beyond our control this holiday, we watched about six or seven movies. Three or four of them were rom-com cringes and clichés. (Wedding Season, Love in the Villa, Perfect Pairing,(Netflix movies) and Zombies 3(A Disney Movie) One of them was even a Bollywood movie.

According to a website, a cringe is a form of empathy that essentially involves putting yourself in the place of someone else. It's feeling deeply embarrassed for them, a.k.a. secondhand embarrassment. "Cringe comedy" is when it's so hilarious that you're sorry for these people. It can feel excruciating but hilarious at the same time.  On the other hand, a cliche is an expression in any artistic work that has been overused to the point of losing all meaning, for example, when the two main characters are about to kiss, but something just has to interrupt it. When choosing movies to watch, after reading their synopsis, you can just tell the kind of movie you're about to watch. Even as the story unfolds, you may be able to predict particular plot points before they show up on the screen. Every other day on the Internet and social media, I keep seeing people calling out cringe and/or cliché movies. How the plot is predictable, and you always know what's going to happen next. If we always know what's going to happen next, why do we keep watching it?My sisters and I particularly like it so we can have something to point out, make fun of, and laugh at. It's just a thing that brings us together, just a bunch of hating sisters watching TV and insulting every character's actions, decisions, or outfits.

My friends also came over, and we watched the movies "Knight and Day" (Tom Cruise and Cameron Diaz) and "Rush Hour" (Jackie Chan and Chris Tucker). The number of clichés we could identify, from the "falling in love with a spy" cliche to the "after protecting a valuable item numerous times, someone then shoots the item,"It's all just so predictable and annoying, but you know what? I think we just love to hate it!