Red Notice, starring Ryan Reynolds (Deadpool), Gal Gadot (Wonder Woman), and Dwayne Johnson, is a star-studded film (The Rock). It relates the story of an FBI profiler and two professional thieves on the lookout for Cleopatra's eggs, an ancient Egyptian artefact.

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2021: THE 2020 DO OVER

2021 was meant to be everybody's do-over for 2020; I know it was mine. I tried to push all my goals and ambitions to 2021, and honestly, I don't think I did too well. I always see posts and tweets about how one shouldn't be so hard on yourself and hope for the best, but what if your best is not good enough?

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After I finished listening to the episode, I fell in love with the podcast page. She talked about everything and anything with the most unique sets of views and honesty I have ever heard. She brings in her friends and they all share their honest and funny views on things which honestly makes me happy.

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