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Red Notice, starring Ryan Reynolds (Deadpool), Gal Gadot (Wonder Woman), and Dwayne Johnson, is a star-studded film (The Rock). It relates the story of an FBI profiler and two professional thieves on the lookout for Cleopatra's eggs, an ancient Egyptian artefact.

I personally like the movie, even if the internet has mixed feelings about it. I can't lie, the movie uses Dwayne Johnson and Ryan Reynolds in their classic Hollywood stereotype. 

Honestly, Gal Gadot role as Wonder Woman and this one isn't so far apart. Gadot spends the majority of her time on screen kicking, tripping, and generally immobilising the males in order to obtain what she desires. Whether intercepting a phone conversation from an INTERPOL Inspector or posing as the warden of the gulag they're imprisoned in, her character can fool Hartley and Booth with ease. As entertaining as it is to witness a female nemesis battle toe-to-toe with two action heroes, her character lacks development beyond the ability to fight. But I actually I also think she was also really good here. If I'm being honest I've never seen Gal Gadot in any other role but Wonder Woman, so I call it a refreshing change (kind of).

The Rock portrays FBI top profiler Hartley, who is compelled to team up with Reynolds' Booth, the world's finest art thief, in order to arrest Gal Gadot, aka "The Bishop," the world's most sought art thief.They're looking for three golden eggs that Marc Anthony made for Cleopatra. While the locations of the first two eggs are known, the third egg's location remains unknown. Luckily, Booth is the only one who knows where to look.

According to the film, Roman commander Mark Antony gave his fiancée, Cleopatra, three golden eggs more than 2,000 years ago. The eggs were strewn after their deaths by suicide. One found a home at the Museo Nazionale. A private collector is another option. For centuries, the third has been lost.

For his daughter's wedding, an Egyptian millionaire wants to reunite the eggs and is ready to pay a lot of money to do it. Ed Sheeran, a well-known musician, made a cameo appearance in the film by singing at a wedding that is disrupted by the entrance of Interpol.  

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