Netflix is no stranger to Nigerian material, with Nollywood releasing a number of films on the site. The new ebony life series Blood Sisters is considered as the first series on Netflix on May 5, 2022; reportedly, the King of Boys II series does not count because it was a limited series.

Cruel Santino's sophomore album is finally here, three years after his critically acclaimed 'Mandy and The Jungle.' The album's soundtrack reflects Cruel Santino's versatility, which combines sparkling production with bizarre vocal flair. The album's 21 tracks are divided into numerous arcs, each with its own topic, bringing listeners through a flow of varied, profound emotions.

I have a feeling if I told you that the series has two young Nigerian actors, you'd be more likely to watch it. There is nowhere, and I mean nowhere you won't find Nigerians. Here's some background on them and their significant roles in this highly anticipated series.

It's honestly such a pity for me to have discovered the potential of African literature so late. Coming back to the modern world, here are some books that are definitely on my TBR(to be read) list that I want to share with you

The documentary examines the factors that shaped Ye into the man he is now, from his early days to his current status. Jeen-yuhs also analyzes the life of co-director and co-producer Coodie Simmons, who first interviewed Ye in 1998 and has spent much of his life documenting Ye.

Chris Brown was sued two years ago for allegedly drugging and raping a woman on a boat in Miami.