Kanye West's weird behavior may have reached a new low: he's supposedly telling acquaintances that Pete Davidson has AIDS, and while the bogus claim has reached Pete, people close to Ye are denying it.

Sorry, but is it just me that thinks people honestly just looks for new ways to bash Chloe. From her looks, to her pictures, her body, sexuality, everything. Like what did she ever do to anybody?

Euphoria's popularity is primarily due to its outstanding ensemble cast. Suppose explicit male and female genitals, teen drug usage, and music video-style party scenes aren't your things. In that case, a cast of fantastic individuals acting off each other will keep you interested via rollercoaster narrative dialogues.

Devi ended the first season of Never Have I Ever in a front-seat lip-lock with her former nemesis, Ben Gross, after spending the majority of the season lusting after Paxton's abs. Now, as the addictive comedy prepares to return for its second season on Thursday, it's giving the love triangle trope a new spin. And, in true Devi fashion, it's a messed-up situation: she decides to date both of them.

Halle Bailey, from the sister R&B duo Chloe x Halle and Freeform's Grown-ish, is set to take on the role of Ariel. In an effort to be more inclusive and represent all people, Disney received a lot of praise for casting a Black actress as Ariel. (I personally think it’s nice but they should just have just cast her as a readhead, like she’s been white for so long, but chile anyways so)

As Emily tried to find her footing in France in the Netflix series, created by Darren Star of Younger and Sex and The City, we were all falling in love with the City of Lights. Things did not work 100% as planned, of course, but they are all part of Emily's charm in Paris. There was nothing that Emily and her new colleagues faced from the crazy love triangles to slip-ups. So what's next for Savoir's favorite staff? And for another crazy season, are we going back to Paris?