The only thing I believe that the Headies achieved this year was embarrassing ourselves to outsiders. It's one thing to embarrass ourselves In our country, but to go outside and make a fool of ourselves is another level. It just goes to show how unserious the award event is. I believe we should have gotten it right here in Nigeria before taking it outside.

Beyoncé is back in action. Queen Bey has now released Renaissance, her most recent solo album, six years after releasing Lemonade. The 16-track album, which is the first part of a "three act project," features songs by Jay-Z, Skrillex, 070 Shake, The-Dream, Drake, and others.

If you've been feeling "Cooped Up" with the absence of new Post Malone music, your luck is about to change.

Wizkid seems to be dropping an album, More Love Less Ego, on the 5th of August; knowing Wizkid, it may not even be this year.

Cruel Santino's sophomore album is finally here, three years after his critically acclaimed 'Mandy and The Jungle.' The album's soundtrack reflects Cruel Santino's versatility, which combines sparkling production with bizarre vocal flair. The album's 21 tracks are divided into numerous arcs, each with its own topic, bringing listeners through a flow of varied, profound emotions.

Sorry, but is it just me that thinks people honestly just looks for new ways to bash Chloe. From her looks, to her pictures, her body, sexuality, everything. Like what did she ever do to anybody?