Relaxation, sunshine, and of course a good book are all necessities of summer. Want to make your heart beat faster? Some of the best recent thrillers and mysteries on the market will do the trick.

Netflix is no stranger to Nigerian material, with Nollywood releasing a number of films on the site. The new ebony life series Blood Sisters is considered as the first series on Netflix on May 5, 2022; reportedly, the King of Boys II series does not count because it was a limited series.

The documentary examines the factors that shaped Ye into the man he is now, from his early days to his current status. Jeen-yuhs also analyzes the life of co-director and co-producer Coodie Simmons, who first interviewed Ye in 1998 and has spent much of his life documenting Ye.

Devi ended the first season of Never Have I Ever in a front-seat lip-lock with her former nemesis, Ben Gross, after spending the majority of the season lusting after Paxton's abs. Now, as the addictive comedy prepares to return for its second season on Thursday, it's giving the love triangle trope a new spin. And, in true Devi fashion, it's a messed-up situation: she decides to date both of them.

As Emily tried to find her footing in France in the Netflix series, created by Darren Star of Younger and Sex and The City, we were all falling in love with the City of Lights. Things did not work 100% as planned, of course, but they are all part of Emily's charm in Paris. There was nothing that Emily and her new colleagues faced from the crazy love triangles to slip-ups. So what's next for Savoir's favorite staff? And for another crazy season, are we going back to Paris?

Netflix has just launched a new series based on a best selling novel that will become your new favorite show when you enjoy drama, plot twists for days and finely choreographed dance routines.