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I guess I’m supposed to start out with "Happy New Year." The last time I wrote on this blog was in October. Can you imagine? It’s been a hot minute, definitely a reason I don’t keep a diary. I don’t know if it's just me, but everyone seems to have a positive feeling towards 2023, and honestly, I'm living for it and also tapping into it.

2023 is actually going to be a monumental year because, firstly, I turn 21 (Hey Siri, play Rich Flex), I graduate from university, and many other things I don’t know about yet but are hopeful will happen. This year, I didn't make a list of goals I wanted to achieve; instead, I'm focusing on the things I didn't finish last year, which was a lot. 2022 wasn’t an amazing year; it could definitely have been better, but we lost some and won some. On a more serious note, could the author of my story include some major victories? I'd be grateful. One thing I intend to do this year is be very international in everything I do, including my blog, my business, and everything else I do without second guessing myself, because I've realized that no one really cares and no one will feed you, and if they do talk, it will only be for a day or until the next hot gist. As I’m writing this, I’m just about to conclude my penultimate semester at university. It’s crazy. I'm very hopeful and anticipating these last few days, and I really hope to make the most of them. 

This is also the year, the federal elections are happening, and honestly, I'm really scared. I hope the right candidate takes charge and moves this country forward because, to be honest, I've been done with this country mentally for a while. If you were able to get your PVC, please vote wisely and let's see how much of a change we can impact. 

How was 2022 for you? Good or bad? What are you anticipating for this year? Feel free to let out your thoughts in the comment section, it’s there for a reason, you know?

What Have I Been Listening To? 

I've actually been listening to a bunch of curated love songs by my friend. I don't know why, but I've just been in a mood recently. I'm also listening to Ice Spice's EP, because she makes pretty girl music. The girls that get it get it; the girls that don't don't. Finally, continuing my obsession from last year, I've been listening to and digesting Palmwine Express Volume 2 (I think?). It's definitely a vibe.

What Have I Been Watching?  

I've been studying for exams, so I haven't had much time to watch anything, but I just finished the second Record of Ragnarok on Netflix, which was really cute. I'm currently watching Emily in Paris season 2. I already know how it ends, but I'm still watching it anyway. As I'm writing this OBX season 3 and Bel Air Season 2 are out now for streaming, super psyched for that.

What Have I Been Reading? 

Like I said, because of my semester finals, I've been busy, so no books. but I did get a bunch of hardcover books this year to start off. My plan was to read 20 books before the year ends; I don't know why I increased it considering I only finished seven out of the fifteen books I set out to read last year. Now with the termination of Z-Library, I don't know what the plan is, but I'll figure it out, as I always do. 

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