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Life's journey is a wild ride and thank the universe for the friends that make the twists and turns a bit more bearable, especially when you're trudging through the chaos of this thing called your 20s.

I'm entering a new era, transitioning from university to "adulting," a trip full of challenges, the occasional existential crisis, and the somewhat thrilling taste of newfound independence, sort of. And you know what? It's also when I'm raising a glass to my girls like never before—my unwavering support system through early adulthood.

I bid farewell to those 8 am classes, sprinting for chapel services and the emergency pre-test cram sessions—I'm officially done with the university hustle. But you know what's sticking around? The friendships that pulled me through the ordeal. I can't help but wear a proud smile for that. These friendships weren't just forged in the terror of exams; they were shaped by shared dreams, fears, and the chaos that defined our formative years.

Now that post-uni life has started, the job hunt has become a rollercoaster of highs and lows. Lucky for me, my friends are right there with me. Rejections, career uncertainties, and the emotional whirlwind of job-seeking are met with nods of understanding from friends who've been there too. In building a career, these friendships keep me grounded when the waves get too rough.

As adulthood rears its ugly head, transitioning from student life to adulting throws a fresh set of challenges my way. Responsibilities, financial independence, and the intricate dance of navigating the real world seem less annoying with friends by my side. Those female friendships, battle-tested through academic storms, we go again with job-hunting escapades, are now the bedrock supporting me as I step into the responsibilities of adulthood.

The wins are not just personal victories but moments of shared joy. Landing that dream job or hitting personal milestones is a richer experience when you've got friends who understand the grind. Pursuing my dream of becoming a content creator and entrepreneur on various platforms has been a wild ride, made all the better by having the best cheerleaders around. These victories aren't just mine; they're collective triumphs that reinforce the strength of sisterhood and, let's be honest, an excuse for my girls to bill me.

But it's not just the victories that define our friendships; it's the storms, too. When personal challenges hit, the strength drawn from close female friendships is a lifeline. Empathy, understanding, and the rock-solid support of friends make those tough times more bearable. Who else but my girls do I turn to for rants about the absolute madness of the dating scene, especially in these wild Lagos streets?

As we grow and change, so do our friendships. Female bonds evolve, adapting to shifting goals, relationships, and priorities. The beauty lies in embracing this evolution, celebrating each other's unique journeys while continuing to support and understand the changes that come with personal growth.

In the vibrant tapestry of life, sisterhood in your 20s is the thread that stands out. From the shared struggles of university life to the triumphs and trials of early adulthood, these friendships are our co-pilots, navigating the journey together. 

So, here's to the laughter shared, tears wiped away, and the unwavering support that defines sisterhood in our 20s in 2024—a journey that will be made more prosperous, more colorful, and infinitely more beautiful with friends by our side.

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