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For me, summer is not summering like before or I just don't have enough money. Anyhow, I'm not feeling it. The country is in shambles; everything is so expensive you can't even enjoy it. My mum and I were discussing that if you save about one million naira it's barely up to two thousand dollars. How shitty is that? If you're reading this I assume you're of age to vote, so please do. If you couldn't get your PVC, I understand, but please if you do, vote us out of this mess. I'm actually so done with this country.

This month I also came to a realization, this is my final summer as a student, next year I'm going to be thrown into the workforce. This made me realise that I haven't done all the things I wanted to do before I graduated. I still have a year left technically, but I'm going to be mostly focused on my final year project.
I've also realized, due to the help of my friends, that I have actually achieved a lot of things. I've grown as a person and achieved a lot; like this blog. I'm proud to announce that my blog has been actively running for 2 years.


To mark this I'm hosting a giveaway and the question is 

"What is the name of the segment that is now defunct that appeared three times?" 

Comment the answer on the giveaway post and get your friends to like it. Go go go, delicious food to be won courtesy of Khmey's crunch.

What Have I Been Listening To?

Honestly, I haven’t been listening to much of anything, only maybe my usual podcasts. My friend put me into an album "Love and Compromise" by Mahalia. I love the album so much and it's so beautiful. I have sort of, maybe, somehow, rinsed out Chris Brown’s album, but that’s all, I swear.

What Have I Been Watching?

I don't think I've been watching anything really, I rewatched Blood of Zeus, an amazing animation. It's not an anime as it's advertised, but it's a mad show. I also planned on watching The Summer I Turned Pretty. Unlike most times I don't think I want to read the book first, my sister watched the series and she's so obsessed with it. So why not? I also watched BOO Bitch, I reviewed it, I didn't like it, go read it.

What Have I Been Reading?

 I started reading "Red, White and Royal Blue" and I was loving it. But I haven't really had time to continue it,but I'm definitely going to finish it soon. I'm also going to start reading "Inheritance Games", my two sisters have read it and loved it. Do not question my reading recommendations from my sisters, they have good taste.

That's it I guess, cheers to life, be good to everyone, Show men shege and participate in the giveaway, thank you so much for being by me these past two years. Cheers to greater wins !

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