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After graduating university, starting my YouTube channel living in the UK for a few months and starting my NYSC service year I’m back!

This is definitely a significant change for me, as I've always been accustomed to the sequence of returning to school after a few months. That routine has totally changed, and I am not going to be in a school setting for a little while. Except during the pandemic, I've hardly ever spent more than two months at home in the last seven years. This adjustment is something that would take some time to get used to. 

I’m typically someone who loves to stay in her own space for long periods of time. My friends share the same sentiment, so we understand each other's need for solitude. However, the dynamics are different in my family. Being back home permanently means I'm in a space where I'm held accountable and responsible in a new way. They just can’t get enough of me. 

This shift has also motivated me to take charge of my commitments. With no more school to distract me (school is not a distraction, please get your degree), I'm determined to consistently run my blog (fingers crossed). 

Similarly, I'm taking my crochet business more seriously – it's no longer just a hobby but a source of income since allowances are no longer part of the equation, one of the few positives of being a student. Additionally, I finally have a YouTube channel. This channel has been on my mind for nearly six years (be sure to subscribe!). 

These things are all part of my grand plan to becoming a content creator/public figure, a dream I've nurtured for years. Amidst all this, I am currently in the beginning of my NYSC service year (somebody save me), job hunting is on the horizon (I’m just a girl), and the transition to full-fledged adult life has started, a phase I looked forward to for a long time and now, I’m not so sure. 

"No test or temptation that comes your way is beyond the course of what others have had to face. All you need to remember is that God will never let you down; he'll never let you be pushed past your limit; he'll always be there to help you come through it." (1 Corinthians 10:13, MSG). 

What Have I Been Listening To? 

I'm actually proud of me because I've been listening to lot more new music, new as in, I'm just listening to it for the first time, not that it necessarily just came out. I'm just going to list them out. Victoria Monet’s “Jaguar II” has been ringing in my head, I'm so in love with it, also so happy for her on her Grammy win. Also been listening to Megan’s Hiss and Cobra and all I can say is, Megan is so clear. I re-watched Entergalactic so I’m re-listening to the songs on the album, the soundtrack is amazing. Also started listening to Tyla and Ayra Starr properly, might just jump on their bandwagon. 

What Have I Been Watching? Ladies and Gentlemen, I have decided to be on the right side of history and finally start Vampire Diaries, I'm now about to start season 4, I really can't binge too many seasons at once. I’m also rewatching Skinny Girls in Transit, so I can start the new season, love me some Mide Macaulay. I had so many shows and shows to watch and I will learn to watch them, due to my excessive consumption of YouTube and TikTok, I find it hard to watch long form connecting content anymore. There is a new Mr. and Mrs. Smith I am looking forward to watching on Prime Video. I also watched the Scott Pilgrim Vs the World movie, so I’ll start the animated series. Plus, if anyone has an idea where I can get Different World, please text me. I want to watch Agent Argyle and the New Mean Girls soon (even though I haven't heard the best reviews fingers crossed) 

What Am I Reading? It’s a new year so we’re on a new energy, I finished three books in January, and I really didn't read in February because I was busy, but I've started reading for March, I’m currently reading Pucking Around, which I’ve discovered it’s very akin to Hockey smut disguised as romance, so we’ll see.

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