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Confessions of a Bratz Fan: Finding Joy in the Barbie Movie

As a young girl growing up in the early 2000s, my heart belonged to the world of Bratz. I was enamoured with these dolls and their TV shows, drawn to their distinctive styles and personalities. Yet, in the realm of fashion dolls, there was one competitor that I couldn't overlook: Barbie. Recently, I decided to set aside my preconceived notions and explore the excitement surrounding an upcoming Barbie film. Surprisingly, I unearthed an unexpected source of happiness and discovered some valuable life lessons.

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Getting ready for my exciting journey from a student's routine to becoming a content creator. I've traded classrooms for my own space, making blogging, crochet, and YouTube my new focus. Join me as I navigate adulthood, job hunting, and share my highs and lows. Subscribe to my YouTube channel for the ride.

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