On September 30, 2022, "Anikulapo" had its debut on Netflix and in theaters all throughout Nigeria. Many Nigerians praised the film. The director announced the new situation on Twitter and vowed to continue his charitable efforts despite the Nigerian Oscar selection committee rejecting his film.

The only thing I believe that the Headies achieved this year was embarrassing ourselves to outsiders. It's one thing to embarrass ourselves In our country, but to go outside and make a fool of ourselves is another level. It just goes to show how unserious the award event is. I believe we should have gotten it right here in Nigeria before taking it outside.

The candidate list for the 2012 Billboard Music Awards (BBMAs) was announced on Tuesday, with Post Malone at the top of the list. With 16 entries, Post Malone was the most nominated artist. He was nominated as best man and Best Billboard 200 for the categories 'Hollywood bleeding.'