Shonda Rhimes, who will also serve as showrunner, made the announcement for the spinoff in May 2021. The Hollywood Reporter says that the limited series will have six episodes and will be about a younger version of Charlotte. There will also be stories about a younger Violet Bridgerton and a younger Lady Danbury.

On September 30, 2022, "Anikulapo" had its debut on Netflix and in theaters all throughout Nigeria. Many Nigerians praised the film. The director announced the new situation on Twitter and vowed to continue his charitable efforts despite the Nigerian Oscar selection committee rejecting his film.

The Ryan Murphy-produced Dahmer Netflix series has received praise for illuminating how police consistently ignored the 17 victims, primarily Black, for so long. However, it is hard to decipher any beneficial lessons from the series among its numerous complaints, including a portrayal of the real-life Dahmer that has made the serial murderer popular with some viewers.

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Netflix is no stranger to Nigerian material, with Nollywood releasing a number of films on the site. The new ebony life series Blood Sisters is considered as the first series on Netflix on May 5, 2022; reportedly, the King of Boys II series does not count because it was a limited series.

The documentary examines the factors that shaped Ye into the man he is now, from his early days to his current status. Jeen-yuhs also analyzes the life of co-director and co-producer Coodie Simmons, who first interviewed Ye in 1998 and has spent much of his life documenting Ye.