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After years of speculations and whispers in the Hollywood rumor mill, the much-anticipated romance news of Kylie Jenner and Timothée Chalamet has finally been unveiled to the world!

The glamorous duo turned heads when they were spotted at Beyoncé's recent birthday extravaganza. Witnessed laughing and engaged in heartfelt conversations, the pair displayed undeniable chemistry, leaving fans gushing over their newfound romance.

While whispers of a Kylie-Timothée connection began circulating in August 2023, their busy schedules kept them apart. Sources revealed that despite their infrequent meetings, the two have maintained a close friendship. It's described as a casual fling, with Kylie enjoying the moment and being open to whatever the future holds.

Sources close to the Kardashian-Jenner clan shared their approval, emphasizing Timothée's unique charm and ability to make Kylie genuinely happy. They've even met Timothée and adore him, recognizing that he's unlike anyone Kylie has dated before.

Earlier this summer, the eagle-eyed TikTok community fueled speculation of a European rendezvous between the pair. Though yet to be confirmed, their appearance at Beyoncé's bash undoubtedly solidifies their connection, leaving fans eagerly awaiting more moments from this captivating duo. Love is certainly in the air!

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