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Since people began 'removing' the red light video from Silhouette challenge images, significant consent talks are being raised.

It has been just a month, and in 2021 TikTok brought us two trends. First the "Buss It" challenge and now Silhouette challenge. Just as for the challenge "Buss It," the theme in red light silhouette contains a move from "innocent" to "sexy" at the end of the album.

The trend has gone viral, with celebrities like Chloe Bailey and Tiffany Haddish getting in on the action. But now people warn others to be cautious if taking nude or partly nakedly videos since the videos can be edited.

Daily Dot claims someone has been convicted of deletion, without his knowledge, of the 'Vin Rouge' filter in order to expose naked bodies of users and reposter them on Twitter.

As you have probably noticed, some users chose, emerging at night in their videos, to join in the Silhouette competition, recognizing that the Black Silhouette effect would mask their nudity.

There have also been rumors, sadly, that the red lighting is being edited to make the original picture even clearer. Although a filter can not be disabled because it is already on the film, it can be edited by the video itself.

Google's search for 'How to delete the red light blocker' has come up since the Silhouette challenge was viral. A reddit post explaining how to uninstall the filter has already also been removed, as has a Twitter account named @redlightremover.

People responded to the editing of videos and posed crucial questions about consent when it comes to the naked silhouette challenge of videos.. One Twitter user wrote: "This whole #silhouettechallenge conversation just shows once again, way too many of you don’t know what consent really means."

If you see any Silhouette challenges on TikTok or Twitter that have been altered without the permission of the original poster, please report the user account.

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