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In a time where quick, flashy visuals dominate the music scene, pop powerhouses Ariana Grande and Sabrina Carpenter are reviving the art of the cinematic music video. Their latest releases captivate with stunning visuals and compelling stories, leaving fans eager for more.

Sabrina Carpenter dazzles with her latest music video for "Please, Please, Please," featuring her boyfriend, Barry Keoghan. This video continues the story from her "Expresso" music video, creating a seamless narrative for fans. "Expresso" ended with Sabrina’s character being arrested, and "Please, Please, Please" begins with her in jail, setting the stage for a dramatic story arc.

The song’s bold and raw lyrics, such as "I beg you don't embarrass me, you motherfucker" and "Don't bring me to tears when I just did my makeup so nice," could be playful nods to her relationship with Barry. This adds authenticity and intimacy to her music. Having Barry star in the video isn't just a cute touch; it’s iconic. Their palpable chemistry and his adoration for her—evident through social media and his participation in her videos—add a delightful dynamic.

Sabrina's videos are marked by her infectious joy, from the quirky antics in "Feathers" to the coffee shop chaos in "Expresso," and now the jailhouse drama in "Please, Please, Please." Each video is a creative adventure, and fans are excited to see where she goes next.

Ariana Grande’s latest music video for "The Boy Is Mine" is a mini-movie featuring Penn Badgley, Brandy, and Monica. This cinematic masterpiece, from the very first frame, showcases meticulous craftsmanship that draws viewers into its narrative.

The plot centers on Ariana concocting a potion to attract Penn Badgley's character, the mayor, who is dealing with a city rat infestation. Ariana’s reaction, "So Hot," after Penn’s speech is hilariously relatable. Penn, known for his role in "You," adds brooding charm and dramatic tension. His chemistry with Ariana is undeniable, making the storyline engaging.

The video blends modern elements with nods to old-time movies, including a Catwoman-inspired get-up for Ariana. The fashion, settings, and overall vibe are mesmerizing, highlighting Ariana's creative direction. The plot unfolds through captivating scenes, from Ariana’s potion-filled apartment to Brandy and Monica’s roles as news anchors, keeping viewers on the edge of their seats. The tale of love and rivalry is played out with magic and humor.

Ariana's attention to detail and commitment to storytelling shine in every aspect of "The Boy Is Mine." Integrating Brandy and Monica, who originally sang the 1998 hit, adds nostalgia and depth, beautifully bridging past and present.

Sabrina Carpenter and Ariana Grande are leading the revival of cinematic music videos, a trend sorely missed. Their dedication to creating not just music but complete visual and narrative experiences showcases their artistry. Fans are excited to see what these talented artists do next. 

If "Please, Please, Please" and "The Boy Is Mine" are any indication, we’re in for more cinematic brilliance and storytelling magic. Here’s to more epic collaborations, unforgettable music, and videos that transport us to another world!

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