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Riverdale is now coming back for the fifth season, so we've promised another year of mystery, drama, and lots of action. That's what we know about the fifth season of the show, including who will be returning, where it will arrive, and when it will be.

Is there going to be new faces in season 5?
Still, in season five, we know that Riverdale will change more (a 7-year move will shake it), but there are some new characters. Erinn Westbrook from the Unbeatable will recollect you when Tabitha Tate will join the cast, the granddaughter of Pop Tate, a long time owner of the town's restaurant.

Deadline describes Tabitha as "ambitious" and "contractual," clearly coming to town "in hope that the city around him may not prosper, to enjoy the traditional dinner of Pop's Chock'llit Shoppe."

This, of course, means that Tabitha will go most certainly to Veronica, now the owner of Pop and Le Bonne Night. It is most likely that Tabitha will move into the fourth of the fifth episode at the end of the season. Get set, because Veronica may have finally found her match.

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