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The details for a new Nigerian series, 'Iwájú,' which is said to be "a futuristic version of Lagos, Nigeria," was announced at Disney at its D23 Expo in Anaheim. The show is meant to be streamed on Disney Plus from 2023 onward.

From the internet and Twitter hype, the show is meant to portray the Lagos experience and appreciate the Yoruba culture. Over the years, streaming services have been coming to Nigeria, one by one, which eventually led to us bringing our own streaming service, Showmax. 

Out of all the streaming services available in Nigeria, I find it strange that it's one of the streaming services that isn't available in Nigeria that decided to create a Nigerian-based animated series. So it makes me think, Who exactly is the show made for?

International brands and services have made Afrocentric media or products significantly to profit off the African community rather than embracing representation. It's fair enough that many Africans in the diaspora have access to Disney+, but the primary source of inspiration will not be able to easily watch and enjoy the show. 

Unless Disney Plus is brought to Nigeria and West Africa (it seems to be making efforts to make it available in North Africa), Disney shouldn't bother. 

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