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Netflix has just launched a new series based on a best selling novel that will become your new favorite show when you enjoy drama, plot twists for days and finely choreographed dance routines.

It follows some students in an elite school in Chicago. Although both participate in prestigious industries to ensure their future, they also strive to overcome the question of who threw her classmate, Cassie Shore, off the school roof earlier this year. Feuds, rivalries and revealed secrets follow, but all this would have happened even though a loose assassin had not attempted.

There is also a lot of soundtrack in the ten-episode season, which is no surprise as music plays almost always as dances. When you are not doing, you rehear and you are in training to refine your technique while you are not rehearsing. Almost all the life of a dancer is music.

This soundtrack features accomplishments on the radio, such as "Adore You," by Harry Styles, but much of the music comes from upcoming singers who blend into the story of dancers who try to launch their careers. And don't worry, it doesn't mean that you're in constant classical music either because it's Dance. The music contains indie-pop, R&B and upscale dance.

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