September 2020

Lounging Around in Style

This is when the pandemic has been hitting most of the indoor population for half a year: we bunker and get comfortable.

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Get Thrifting

In the past few years, online distribution sites and secondhand stores have had promising signs. Resales were up 25 times higher than retail in 2019, with 62 million people purchasing second hand goods in 2019 than 56 million in 2018 and 44 million in 2017, according to the 2020 Resale Study by thredUP. This rise was not slowed down by the pandemic.

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Chloe X Halle Style Lookbook

But one feature that stays constant in sister life is their look, despite their increasing list of achievements. Both Chloe and Halle still have a design A-game and always find means of mixing without necessarily "doing it." If it's funny silhouettes or rocking bright colors, both girls have a serious look, from streetwear to red-carpet glam.

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