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It seems everyone is running away from staying silent. Many people, especially my age, cannot embrace self-reflection because they fear quiet periods and constantly need external stimulation.

Due to the increased use of phones, streaming services, and constant access to information, a lifestyle of permanent involvement has been formed. Every action, whether driving, working out, or even cleaning the house, is usually paired with a movie, podcast, or piece of music. Silence, once thought of as a space for meditation and mental renewal, is increasingly perceived as an uncomfortable void that must be filled at all costs. When did you last complete your homework, household chores or gone on a walk in silence?

Being afraid to face one's thoughts and emotions is the core of the dislike of silence. In a world where entertainment and information are all around us, spending time alone with our thoughts can be frightening and overwhelming. When things get hectic regularly, the mind can expose secrets we want to keep hidden from ourselves. You start to recall unpleasant, demeaning, and embarrassing moments and occasions you would have wanted to forget.

Among young people, working on anything without the distraction of digital media is incredibly unpopular. Because of this, a generation is becoming increasingly reliant on technology and less able to unplug and recognise the primary benefits of quiet time.
This overstimulation has many negative repercussions on people's mental and emotional well-being. Continuous noise, such as the hum of technology, music, or podcasts, clogs the head and impairs rational thought. Without calm periods for self-awareness, people can find it challenging to understand their objectives, evaluate their emotions, or even identify their beliefs and values.

Staying in silence is essential for preserving mental and emotional well-being in the digital age. By inviting periods of silent reflection, people can reclaim their sense of balance, connect with their inner selves, and improve their connection with today's world's constant background noise, though not always necessary.

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