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Growing up, the allure of adulthood was irresistible. The promise of freedom, independence, and endless fun made it seem like the ultimate goal, I mean, it’s our 20s. However, now that I find myself navigating the world of adults, I realise that the reality is far from the carefree dream I once imagined and saw on TV. Everything just seems to be unnecessarily expensive, stressful, and difficult.

Firstly, let’s discuss the cost of living. The fact that I live with my parents and I still feel the impact of all this is just crazy to me. Groceries, utilities, and so on. I used to think my parents were just being a bit dramatic when they complained about how expensive everything was. Grocery shopping, which was once seen as a form of relaxation, is something that people are secretly scared of. Always ask yourself, “Do I REALLY need it?” Now, I see they were simply describing the exhausting reality of making ends meet. For many young adults just starting their careers, earning enough to cover basic expenses is a constant struggle.

Stress, I’ve learnt, is also an inevitable part of adult life. The pressure to succeed at work, maintain relationships, and stay healthy can be quite overwhelming. Every day feels like a balancing act, with the fear that one misstep could cause everything to come crashing down. I always promised myself that when I start working, I would create a good work life balance, that promise is slowly fading into the air.

Even enjoying leisure time comes with its own set of financial challenges. Socialising with friends often means spending money on transportation and entertainment and for those who drive, fuel. Ride-sharing apps like Uber, Bolt, inDrive, while convenient, are becoming crazy expensive and are quickly adding up. The places we go – be it restaurants, beaches(currently being demolished) or concerts(we don’t really have much) – are rarely cheap. For those of us still trying to establish a financial foothold, these costs can be draining. The irony of needing to work harder just to afford a night out and not break bank in the process is just crazy to me.

Why is it that when it’s my turn to be an adult, everything decides to be expensive, there are no jobs, and the world decides to be unsafe? It seems like just when we start taking on the responsibilities of adulthood, we’re hit with skyrocketing costs for everything. On top of that, every day brings news of conflicts, natural disasters, and increasing social unrest, making the world feel more unpredictable and dangerous than ever. So, I think I speak for all of us when I say, ‘Is this what our adult years are going to look like?’ Are we in for more of the same, or will things get better or worse from here? It’s a daunting prospect, facing a future that feels both financially strained and fraught with uncertainty. In a world full of chaos, how are we expected to construct our lives and find stability?

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