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After three failed starts of Pyer Moss's Couture 1 show, the legions of supporters of Kerby Jean-Raymond, including actors Tracee Ellis Ross and KiKi Layne, the designers Brandon Mexwell and Aurora James, the designers Law Roach and the styles designers Kollin Carter, the model activist Bethann Hardison, and 100 brand fans took place at Irvington (more than 9,000 registered to attend). Madam CJ Walker, America's first female self-made millionaire, commissioned an Italianate mansion in Upstate New York, which served as the perfect backdrop for the upcoming fashion show.

Following a team field visit to Joshua Tree for ayahuasca the concept of the collection – an ode to 25 Black inventions called Wat U Iz. Jean Raymond joined Hollywood costumers to assist in immortalizing historical accomplishments in the whimsic form – ranging from the fire-shooting jumpsuit nodding to Daniel McCree to the cozy butter jar and cooled dresses applaudiing George Washington Carver and Frederick Jones respectively. In this autumn, every work of art will be shown in the Walker estaten, with the emphasis on continuing the Black American experience throughout the clothes production cycle.

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