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Today, let's dive into the world of beauty maintenance and the not-so-friendly relationship it has with our bank accounts. As I was gearing up for my birthday, I recently had an eye-opening experience, it's really expensive to look this good. 

Imagine scheduling appointments for hair, nails, lashes, waxing (which I haven't done yet), and anything else that comes to mind. It feels like an endless loop of maintaining our appearance that depletes our finances more quickly than we can say "self-care." The last time I went on a complete maintenance binge was back in December, and I have to admit, I don't miss the feeling of the money leaving my bank account. 

Speaking of, let's talk about lashes. I recently followed the wave and got my lashes done for the first time, and can I just say, I feel so behind! Well, my lashes are quite long but still. They make me feel like "that girl" by giving my appearance that additional pop. The issue is that, as much as I'd like to schedule lash appointments on a regular basis, my financial status right now will not let it—at least not for now. It's like having to decide between having enough money for, well, necessities and looking amazing. I'm glad I don't live alone just yet. 

Not overlooking waxing, it's a love-hate relationship. Although the finished product makes us feel silky smooth, what about the procedure itself? To put it mildly, it's not for the weak of heart, so I hear. To have silky-smooth skin, many of us nonetheless face the waxing table despite the discomfort (both financial and physical). Shout out to you guys. 

Let's now confront the big issue: these procedures are not necessary. We're not being forced to have our nails done or have our hair done. But taking charge of our looks and giving ourselves a little self-care is unquestionably amazing. It ultimately comes down to doing what makes us feel good, whether that means putting more pressure on our wallets or calling it self-care or vanity. 

 Girls, we should all be proud of the time, effort, and yes, money we invest in keeping our appearances up to date. We should all be commended for our commitment to maintaining a put together, clean appearance. A bigger hats off that do their maintenance by themselves the whole package. You girlies are literally superheroes, 

I'm coming to terms with the fact that beauty has a cost as I'm getting ready for another year in the sun. I may have to give up one or two once in a while, but it's all worth it when it comes to feeling amazing and self-assured. After all, there's no price tag on self-love, right?

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