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As seen by a recent terrible occurrence, saying "no" can come at an excessive cost in a world where personal safety ought to be expected. A few weeks ago, a set of twins were stabbed and one died due to their refusal to disclose their phone numbers to a man. Sadly, this is an everyday fear for a woman and now, Samyia joins those who have fallen victims to the reaction of violent entitled men.

The attack took place around 2:20 a.m. inside the Natural Plus deli in the Park Slope neighborhood. The incident unfolded when the sisters were taking a break from a family games night to grab some snacks. The attacker approached them and Samyia allegedly rejected his advances. Samyia refused to give out her phone number but offered her Instagram username instead. The man became annoyed when he declined to follow her on Instagram. An argument ensued, and the man left the deli but returned shortly after, banging and kicking on the glass door. When the door was opened, he attacked the sisters with a knife. Sanyia tried to protect her sister, but the situation escalated. The sisters’ older brother also got involved in the fight. The attacker threatened to stab them in the face. Sanyia called 911 as Samyia felt faint. Despite emergency medical services rushing them to NewYork-Presbyterian Brooklyn Methodist Hospital, Samyia could not be saved. The investigation is ongoing, and no arrests have been made yet. 

This horrifying event serves as a clear reminder of the risks women encounter every day just for claiming autonomy and using their right to refuse. A seemingly harmless exchange descended into a nightmare, highlighting the terrible consequences of toxic masculinity and entitlement. 

These kinds of things happen, and they are incredibly frustrating and irritating. When women use their freedom to reject inappropriate approaches, they shouldn't have to worry about their safety. It's even more annoying when victim-blaming inquiries like "What was she wearing?" are part of society's reaction to tragedies of this nature. This annoying line of inquiry transfers the blame from the offender to the victim, so sustaining negative attitudes and stereotypes that put women at further risk. 

Safety should never come at such a high cost. However, far too frequently, women are left to fend for themselves in a dangerous environment where their safety is at jeopardy and their personal boundaries are ignored. It is very evident from street catcalling to violent outbursts in reaction to rejection that women do not have the right to autonomy over their own bodies and choices.

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