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Anyone who knows me personally knows that I am completely shattered as I write this post. Chris Brown was sued two years ago for allegedly drugging and raping a woman on a boat in Miami.

 According to Jane Doe's $20 million complaint, Chris Brown had invited her to meet him in late 2020 at Diddy's house on Miami's Star Island, where she portrayed herself as a professional choreographer, dancer, and musical artist. 

The lady said in the document obtained by TMZ that she arrived on December 30, 2020, and Chris Brown offered her a drink in the yacht's kitchen area. Brown allegedly served Doe a cup of mixed drink, and after taking a second cup, she began to experience "an abrupt, unexplainable shift in consciousness." 

The lady stated in the lawsuit that she was "disoriented, physically unbalanced, and began to slip in and out of sleep." She recalled Brown luring her to a bedroom when she was "drugged" and "half-asleep." The singer allegedly raped her and ejaculated in her, according to her.

 According to the lawsuit, she was seeking $20 million in damages for mental distress caused by the incident. Ariel Mitchell and George Vrabeck, the plaintiff's attorneys, told TMZ that their client was ashamed at the time and couldn't report the event. The complaint has elicited no response from Chris Brown's team, according to TMZ. 

Honestly, Christopher Maurice Brown (yes, I know his full name) has a lot of alleged cases against him, and it's getting out of hand. As much as I adore him and his music, this is very toxic, and even though a part of me wishes it wasn't true, if it is, I sincerely hope he is convicted appropriately for his crimes..

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