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Euphoria's popularity is primarily due to its outstanding ensemble cast. Suppose explicit male and female genitals, teen drug usage, and music video-style party scenes aren't your things. In that case, a cast of fantastic individuals acting off each other will keep you interested via rollercoaster narrative dialogues.

There's Jacob Elordi's psychopathic Nate Jacobs, Zendaya's foggy (and Emmy-winning) Rue, Hunter Schafer's obsessive Jules, Alexa Demie's caustic toxic Maddy, Sydney Sweeney's clueless Cassie, and Angus Cloud's loyal Fez, to name a few of the cast members. Even with so much skill and personality on the show, newbie Chloe Cherry manages to steal every scene she's been in with flawless pitch readings of frequently improvised lines.

 Chloe Cherry is an Instagram celebrity as well as an adult film performer. She has a large following and has entertained them with her work. Faye, a spacey girl, traveling in the back of Fez's car with Rue to a chaotic drug deal, is introduced to viewers in the first episode of Euphoria's second season as Faye. The latter is so out of it that she doesn't realize it's New Year's Eve. Cherry is a real-life adult film star who, before being cast on Euphoria, had made her own porn parody depicting a real-life connection between Rue and Jules.

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