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Rema recently released an extended version of his album "Rave & Roses," which features six additional tracks since the original release one year ago. On Friday, April 28, 2023, the 22-track album was released, becoming the most streamed Nigerian album in Spotify history with over 1 billion plays.

The album was updated with additional tracks including "Calm Down ft. Selena Gomez," "Reason You," "Holiday," "HOV," "Charm," and "Dunno Me," all of which were produced by various artists including "London," "Blaise Beatz," "Rodlof," "Alex Lustig," and "Dunno Me." In February of 2023, the musician dropped the records Reason You and Holiday.

Since its release on August 25, 2022, the 'Calm Down' remix has gathered over 1 billion listens around the world, setting a new record for the highest-charting Nigerian song on the Billboard Hot 100.

On ‘Charm’, music journalist Joey Akan had said, ‘Digesting Rema’s Charm record isn’t a music listening session. Is a source of life. Transfusion of life force posing as pleasant sounding music. A supporter of the singer also confirmed the statement, saying, "Yes, this Rema's Charm is definitely special."

In addition to becoming the most-streamed Nigerian music on YouTube, the Calm Down remix has set several other records. It is the first African song to enter the Top 10 of the US Billboard Digital Song Sales Chart. In addition, with its 37 weeks on the chart, Rave & Roses is the longest-charting debut album by a Nigerian act.

Without a doubt, Rema is currently one of Africa's top artists. It's not just his debut album that's doing well; his live performances are also selling out, and he has additional events scheduled in places like India.

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