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Since her unexpected Vogue cover shooting in May, Billie Eilish has kept everyone on their toes.

Now, the style of the Musician is a curveball of a gift that always turns and turns every time you go and every social media post. Last night, for instance, Eilish took Instagram to show another fashionable equipment in a series of selfies.

The ensemble placed a Miaou corset on a brass lace; similar tops from Revolve's brand retail at 225 dollars. The declaration piece was then equalized with a crochet-knit shirt, surprisingly comfortable pants, and endless layers of chunky gems.

As a major trend for celebrity in 2021, Fishnet, crocheted fabric and open-knit materials come together. Rihanná, Gabrielle Union and Dua Lipá have been among many modelers of these fabrics in recent weeks alone, regardless of whether it is a networked roof on the red tapestry or Bottega Veneta's favorite cults sandals.In terms of Eilish, it appears that she is working on a new sneaker with Jordan Brand.

Billie Eilish, a Grammy Award-winning musician, is said to be the next collaborator for the Nike-owned label. Kenneth Myers Jr.'s sneaker leak Instagram account revealed that the "Bad Guy" singer will be giving the classic Air Jordan 1 KO a neon yellow-green twist.

At the time of publication, neither Jordan Brand nor Eilish had confirmed any details about the collaboration.

Eilish has developed a signature aesthetic that is recognizable for its oversize appeal and common logo-coated pieces — think too-large Gucci shirts and printed Burberry trousers — over the last few years. In recent years, the 19-year-old has begun to develop a more mature and personal sense of style. Her signature oversize style is still visible, complemented this time by bustiers, soft sweaters, and silky skirts.

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