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The fashion souk by eventful is a yearly event that embraces Nigerian-based designers and fashion-oriented store owners. This was the fifth edition, and surprisingly this is my first time hearing of it. I thought the event wouldn't have much hype or be poorly attended, but I was very wrong. It was well treated with notable brands present; House of Tara, Ruff n Tumble, Abaya Lagos, Ejiro Amos Tefiri, Needle Point, Zaron Cosmetics, and the likes.

The Fashion Souk event is an "experience the best of our indigenous brands across the entire fashion value chain from manufacturers to designers and retailers in clothing, textiles, leather, and skin products, jewelry, accessories, training schools, and even runway fashion." The Fashion Souk by Eventful seeks to discover and explore the exciting world of fashion. Experience the quirky, the fun, the unusual, the classy, for men, women, boys, and girls in one place!"

The 5th Edition was very well attended, with the place bubbling with both vendors looking to sell their products and customers looking to enrich their various wardrobes alike. It boasted a large number of vendors with attractive stalls. The well-attended one-day Fashion Souk/business event held on Sunday 5th December 2021 at the iconic Harbor Point venue in Victoria Island, Lagos, gave over 150 SMEs in the Nigerian fashion sector a platform to demonstrate their innovation, product lines, and economic potential. Manufacturers, merchants, leather, and jewelry/accessories were among the SMEs represented during the exhibition. 

The event was sponsored by Polaris Bank and Eventful Limited have reaffirmed their support for Nigeria's SMEs sector, with three enterprises being empowered to expand their operations during the event. Mrs. Oluwatosin Ogunbanjo, the overall winner of the pitch, received N750,000, while the first runner-up, Victoria Udoh, a painting on fabric company, Vudoh, received N500,000 and the second runner-up, Tunde Issa, a Tailor and Founder of the male clothing line company, RoyalKlassicKoutoure, received N250,000. 

With music in the background and food stands outside, it created the perfect environment for Lagosians to come and spend their money (or, in my case, my father's money). Designer Ejiro Amos Tefiri displayed her new collection during the event, which blew away all in attendance. Her line draws inspiration from the former First Lady of Nigeria, Maryam Babangida. Using not such bright colors to create this line, she turned heads with her elegant pieces.

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