As we know quite well, all things of the '90s have influenced fashion for quite some time now, to the extent where we've pretty much been through every style from scrunchies to slip dresses. But whether you like it or not, a new decade is here to theoretically eclipse the success of the '90s: the swinging '60s.

Ghana finally got the location that its booming skateboard scene deserves: a completely functioning skate park right in the center of Accra.

In the Gucci ball gown, Harry covered the December 2020 edition of Vogue. After conservative political analyst and author Candace Owens summons him to put on a dress on Vogue's cover, Harry Styles is defended by his fans and celebrities.

Street Souk returned for its third edition. It is an annual streetwear convention owned by Iretidayo M Zaccheaus. It is curated and funded by Industry Lion and First Bank Nigeria & Eventful Limited.

The bone exposing panties have become a staple of later 1990, from musical film to stage appearance, from catwalks to the red tapestry.

The thong, an invention of the American-Austrian progressive fashion designer Rudi Gernreich from the 1970s, retreated towards the late 1990s. Our Chloe Flares' waistbands were navel rather than hip grazing, Spanx went from an intimate celebration to a high-street phenomenon, and Cara Delevingne and Kendall Jenner had a red-carpet base by the year 2014. The runways had announced that the short and low coverage return was considered lowbrow, which we will have to investigate in a small bit more detail.